Student Research Collaborations

One of the main goals of an ARC Centre of Excellence is to bring together what the Australian Research Council calls "significant collaboration" between researchers at different Australian universities. In mathematical terms, it's hoped that the sum of the research from these collaborations would be greater than the sum of the research done by the same people at only their individual universities. At ACEMS, we very much believe in this -- right down to making sure our students around the country are working together.

In June, we invited our students to let us know which areas of research they are currently working in within ACEMS. Below is a graph which shows the many ways in which our ACEMS students identify with each other’s research areas outside their university. We recently emailed those students who match with a list of names and contact details.

This may be useful for students considering collaboration, and will be useful for the student retreat in November.

button_sharedrive-smallIf you would like to know any further about this project, please email ACEMS Chief Investigator Dirk Kroese (UQ). If you haven't submitted what areas of research you are working on, and would still like to, just click on the tab to the right. ACEMS would also like to acknowledge Claire Nitsch, Radislav Vaisman, and Morgan Grant (all from UQ) for their work on this project.