28 February, 2017

Royal Statistical Society Honours ACEMS Research Fellow

13 February, 2017

New ACEMS Chief Investigator Picks Up Prestigious Award from ANZIAM

9 December, 2016

QUT Awards ACEMS Deputy Director with Title of "Distinguished Professor"

7 December, 2016

ACEMS Deputy Director is First Woman to Receive Prestigious Statistics Award

5 December, 2016

ACEMS Statistician Getting the Best of Both Worlds as She Teams with ACEMS Partner Organisation

23 November, 2016

ACEMS Researcher Receives Prestigious Award from The University of Melbourne

5 September, 2016

ACEMS UQ Student Already Building Cross-Node Collaborations

2 August, 2016

Mixing Maths & Economics turns out to be the right formula for Melbourne ACEMS Student

27 July, 2016

MIT Aeronautics & Astronautics Professor Highlights QUT ACEMS Workshop

18 July, 2016

ACEMS Deputy Director is returning to the Amazon for Jaguar Conservation Project

13 July, 2016

From UTS, to Google, to Harvard - an ACEMS Student's Amazing Journey

6 June, 2016

Adelaide Student looks to protect your "Browserprint"

2 April, 2016

'Giving Teeth' to Technology to Save Jaguars in Peru

18 March, 2016

ACEMS Plays a Prominent Role in Release of 10 Year Maths Plan for Australia

15 February, 2016

ACEMS Associate Investigator Wins Prestigious Honour at ANZIAM 2016

1 February, 2016

Memorial Service for Peter Gavin Hall

30 January, 2016

A Message from Mrs Jeannie Hall, wife of Peter Gavin Hall

16 December, 2015

ACEMS Deputy Director Honoured by Modelling and Simulation Society

30 October, 2015

ACEMS Associate Investigators Awarded Early Career Research Awards by ARC

20 October, 2015


19 October, 2015

ACEMS Visitor Uses Statistical Modelling to Rank the Best Test Cricket Batsmen Ever

23 September, 2015

ACEMS Director Elected as Fellow of Australian Academy of Social Sciences

10 September, 2015

ACEMS Student Wins Award for "Best Paper" at European Conference

13 August, 2015

ACEMS Leader Awarded Australian Laureate Fellowship

16 July, 2015

ACEMS Node at QUT Welcomes QLD Chief Scientist

1 April, 2015

Statistics Provide the Final Proof in Royal Mystery