ACEMS School Outreach



"When are we ever going to use this?!"

It's a question a lot of young students ask when they study mathematics.


Students at Bentley Park College in Cairns with ACEMS Research Fellow, Dr Steven Psaltis

Well, ACEMS has the answer!

Members of ACEMS are busy this month showing students and their teachers some fun and interesting ways to learn about mathematics.

ACEMS Outreach Officer Andrew Stephenson and QUT ACEMS Research Fellow Steven Psaltis just spent a week visiting schools in Cairns in northern Queensland.

They visited four schools in five days, playing games and using demonstrations to show how maths can be fun, and how it's a part of our everyday lives.

"They really enjoyed the challenge of some of the activities we presented, and got them thinking about things differently," said Dr Steven Psaltis.

Using things like ropes and playing cards, the students got to learn about mathematical concepts that they wouldn’t study such as graph theory, combinatorics, topology and knot theory.

"It was a great trip and the students really seemed to get a kick out of it," said Dr Andrew Stephenson."

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Students at Cairns State High with ACEMS Outreach Officer,