"Doing Maths Like a Research Mathematician" Teacher Training Sessions

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We are looking for teachers to attend a training workshop to become 'Doing Maths like a Research Mathematician' (DMLARM) session leaders, with a view to them offering DMLARM sessions in their local area.

DMLARM is an event aimed at secondary students and their teachers. Students and their teachers are given problems to work on, with the aim being to create ideas (conjectures), work on them, and try to prove or disprove them. The goal of the workshop is to give students and teachers an experience of the creativity and satisfaction (and possibly frustration) that comes from doing maths in much the same way that professional mathematicians do. It is the only outreach program that we are aware of that gives students and teachers an authentic experience of mathematical research.MLM_YouTube

More details about the event are in this video:

DMLARM sessions have been running since 2012, led by Anthony Harradine, Director of the Potts-Baker Institute at Prince Alfred College, Adelaide. In 2015 and 2016, in collaboration with ACEMS, sessions were held at the University of Melbourne, Ballarat Grammar School, University of Adelaide, University of Technology Sydney and the Queensland University of Technology.

The training workshop for teachers will give them the knowledge and resources needed to run DMLARM sessions on their own. This workshop will be held at the mathematical research institute MATRIX at the end of November (see below), and will have the structure of a professional development event.


We are looking for secondary teachers of mathematics, who

  • like mathematics
  • are generally inquisitive
  • are not afraid of problems that they can not solve
  • believe that students can solve problems by themselves, if the problems are appropriate
  • are interested in learning how to help students develop reasoned responses to a problem, as opposed to providing them with solutions
  • want to learn more than they already know

Each teacher would also need to be willing to conduct 2 DMLARM sessions in 2017, with their school's support, and will receive ongoing support from ACEMS to do so.

If you know any teachers who fit this profile and would be keen to come to this workshop, please let us know by 23 October.

WHAT: DMLARM Session Leader training event
WHERE: MATRIX, Creswick campus (http://www.matrix-inst.org.au/)
WHEN: 1 pm Wed 23 Nov -- 1 pm Sun 27 Nov, 2016
CONTACT: aponsaing@unimelb.edu.au
COST: Travel only (attendance and board is free).

Kind regards,

Anthony Harradine
Nigel Bean
Anita Ponsaing

The Organisers